Building tools

There comes a time when tools need to be built in order to effectively and efficiently provide a high quality product to our clients.  This week Frank Winterlik has completed a new Porsche 911 cylinder blueprinting jig.  This jig allows us to perform a new process in blueprint Porsche cylinder heads, a key step in the restoration of all Porsche engines.

Porsche 911 Cylinder Head Jig


Close up of blueprinted finish at 900 Werks Porsche Specialties

Cylinder on the jig

Porsche 911 Cylinder Head after blueprinting

Cylinder after blueprinting

Rotary table being prepared of Porsche Cylinder Head Jig

Rotary table for jig

Porsche jig in lathe undergoing final machining

Jig on the lathe

Fly cutting Porsche Cylinder Jig

Fly cutting the jig

Base of Porsche Cylinder Head Jig

Base for the jig