Six weeks until the Vintage Race Season

900 Werks Royale RP14 Super Vee in pit

Spokane County Speedway Royale RP14 Super Vee SpokaneWith the beginning of February, us at “The Werks” have started to count the days until we can be back on the track with “Andy”, the 900 Werks 1972 Royale RP14 Super Vee. Fitted with a 2L Porsche Engine, Andy is a hoot to drive around the track at 190 HP. This car was new to us last year, and we can’t wait to start the 2016 season. History of the Super Vee can be found here. This year you will be able to spot the 900 Werks Royale Super Vee, along with a few of our clients vintage Porsche racecars at Mission Raceway, Spokane County Raceway, Pacific Raceway, and Portland International Raceway.Frank Winterlik and Oliver Teal Royale RP14 Super Vee

With approximately 6 weeks until the first race at Mission Raceway hosted by VRCBC and about 8 weeks until the Spring Sprints hosted by SOVREN. It’s hard not to start day dreaming about the race season. About waking up at the track with the sunrise warming your back, as you quietly appraise your car before the noise of the day begins. Sitting in your car while you wait on the starting grid, trying to keep your adrenaline in check. Starting your engine and driving the first lap behind the pace card, looking to see the green flag to signal the start of the race. Then feeling yourself become one with the car as you try to over take the cars in front of you, while keeping the other cars behind you, until you spot the checkered flag. All the while remaining respectful of your fellow drivers and their cars. We recently came across this video, produced by Rennfilms and KontentPartners. Featuring a number of our racing mates, and feel that it sums up exactly what Vintage racing is.

Frank Winterlik and Oliver Teal with Royale Super Vee For anyone thinking about or interested beginning the thrilling hobby of vintage racing, the SCCBC offers driver training in the spring. All the details can be found on their webpage. It truly is a great sport, filled with friendship, camaraderie and competition. Not to mention the opportunity to spend quality time with some beautiful cars at fast speeds.Royale RP14 Super Vee race Washington State